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Growth in the developing world is putting pressure on natural resources, agricultural commodities and alternative fuels. As such, the world is becoming increasingly reliant on South America for incremental food and feedstock production. Today, Brazil’s strong economy, favorable growing conditions and availability of suitable agrarian land make the country a highly desirable location for investing in farmland.

Summit Brazil, LLC entered the Brazilian marketplace in 2012 with the acquisition of 11,000 acres of tillable farmland in the state of Mato Grosso, and in 2014, as Summit Brazil Renewables I, LLC, is partnering locally in the construction of a 50 million gallon corn ethanol production plant. As land values in the country continue to improve due to an increasing local demand for livestock production, food crops and corn-based ethanol, our farmland and renewables projects remain strategically aligned with local operators and government entities to secure additional investment opportunities. Through extensive due diligence and an ability to leverage strong regional partnerships, we have experienced significant success in building our assets and keeping Summit Brazil profitable and low-risk for our growing pool of investors.

Factors driving Brazilian Agriculture:

Infrastructure Development

The continued development of Brazil’s transportation infrastructure is allowing for additional agricultural opportunities.

Local Demand

Demand for grains for use in livestock production, soybean crushing, ethanol production and other uses is driving land and crop values upward.

Yield Production

Larger yields are becoming commonplace as advances in seed technology and input methods evolve to match the unique climate and soils present in the region.

Environmental Factors

Brazil’s climate is ideal for grain production, making two harvests annually possible with natural rainfall, or three harvests annually with irrigation.

Our Approach

We mitigate risk in our farmland and renewables funds through a strategy that limits complexities and downsides while creating multiple avenues for appreciation. This allows us to work closely with our regional partners and local tenants to be profitable.

Purchase Wisely

Summit Brazil seeks to purchase ground in developed areas that are conducive to double row cropping. We then aim to maximize usable farming area by developing further land already located within the property.

Hire Local Experts

We partner with experienced local operators to manage the land and ensure operational quality. Our land is leased only to high-integrity entities that employ industry best practices.

Extend Relationships

Our team performs extensive legal, environmental, social and accounting due diligence to ensure that our beneficial relationships are prosperous and well-maintained.

Active Investment Opportunities

Interested investors may contact us to learn more.

Summit Brazil, LLC provides agricultural investment opportunities in connection with our owned farming operation in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso. Through lease income and capital appreciation, the fund has generated significant returns to investors to date.

  • Active 2012 – Present
  • Committed investor capital equal to $30,000,000

Summit Brazil Renewables I, LLC is rapidly emerging as a primary mover in the Brazilian corn ethanol production industry through its status as a partner in the construction and operation of a 50 million gallon production plant in Mato Grosso. Summit is working with local grower Fiagril, technology provider ICM, Inc. and engineering firm S.L. Process to begin production in late 2017.

  • Active 2014 – Present
  • Production to begin in late 2017
  • Committed investor capital equal to $65,000,000

Our Partners

Summit’s South American partners include Fiagril, one of Brazil’s largest and most respected grain traders, and ICM, Inc., a corn ethanol plant engineering firm with 102 facilities in its North American building portfolio.

  • SL Process