As global demand for pork continues to grow, the Summit Pork Fund is benefiting from a renewed focus on commercialized pork ventures in the United States. Pork farms across the country are now undergoing structural transformations in order to keep up with fundamental changes in demand, available technologies and rigorous health and environmental requirements that favor large-scale producers over smaller operations.

The Summit Pork Fund is capitalizing on this transformation by leveraging our available capital and industry expertise gained through Summit Farms’ ongoing pork production operations and partnerships with national pork integrators. Over the past 30 years, hog producers have moved to an integrated model in order to better control variables and mitigate risk throughout the supply chain. In this system, piglets are born in indoor sow units and moved to finishing buildings to mature. As a leader in hog facility site selection, building construction and site management, Summit has found significant investment opportunity in contracting with hog owners to expand operations and capture a larger share of the commercial production market.

Investing in Pork Production - Summit Pork Fund

Our Approach

The Summit Pork Fund takes a bottom-up approach to identifying viable investment opportunities in assets for use in pork production. Our investment portfolio is designed to reward investors with strong risk-adjusted returns through front-end tax benefits and a planned investment cycle focusing on site development, lease income and resale value from the construction of hog feed and finishing facilites.

Oversee Construction

The Summit Ag Investors team personally oversees the construction of each site to guarantee overall quality and a strict attention to details affecting operational efficiency.

Lease to Qualified Operators

Finished sites are leased at premium rates to existing industry partners under long-term (14 year) take-or-pay arrangements.

Reduce Owned Inputs

At no point will Summit Ag Investors own hogs or assume responsibility for feed costs, labor, hog mortality or other operational risks.

Active Investment Opportunities

There is currently one active Summit Pork Fund available. Interested investors may contact us to learn more.

Formed in 2013, Summit Pork Fund I, LLP is actively seeking investment opportunities via the purchase of suitable land and the construction and lease of pork feed and finishing facilities to national pork producers.

  • Active 2013 – Present
  • Committed investor capital equal to $7,070,000