A Principled Approach

Our Pillars of Success

For decades, we have been bound to our partners through a shared commitment to sound agricultural practices and enduring personal values. As farmers, we are informed by our many years of hands-on experience across a wide range of agricultural disciplines. As investors we believe in bottom-up investment strategies that achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Our company is connected to an extensive network of farmers, investors and advisors working together to support capital investments and manage agricultural assets throughout the Midwest and in locations around the world. We are a leading private network of agricultural operators, investment professionals and intellectual leaders, and we are well-resourced and fully prepared to diligently work for our clients.

We are driven by an adherence to four longstanding company values that define our business, our employees, our relationships and our outlook as successful farmers and investors. These traits are the pillars of our business, and we are happy to make use of them in everything that we do.

Proven Collaboration

We know that smart investing, like farming, requires dedication, hard work and determination; that success relies as much on internal elements as it does on environmental conditions. Summit Agricultural Group works with our clients and our partners to deliver a thoughtful blend of sound investment practices that make long-term agricultural investments sustainable and profitable. We manage assets more effectively by employing progressive strategies that have been proven over time, because we believe that investments should never be left to chance.

Performance Through Innovation

Our robust network of operators, ag-centric innovators and savvy investors allows us to structure investments efficiently and provide the resources that allow us to move quickly to capitalize on viable new opportunities. From researching promising new technologies to strategically entering emerging industries and marketplaces, we make it a priority to search out opportunities that perform to our highest standards, and our clients’ highest expectations.

Bottom-up Approach

At Summit Agricultural Group, a focus on integrity is at the heart of every operation, every investment and every employee. Our experience allows us to be successful early adopters of the best and most promising emerging practices, and we work with our investors to communicate our unique understanding of signature investment opportunities as they develop. As a leading network of agricultural operators, investment professionals and intellectual leaders, we are well-resourced and fully prepared to truly work for our clients.

Tradition and Legacy

With a working agricultural enterprise at its heart, Summit Agricultural Group places great value in the legacy of the American farmer. Our company is backed by years of hands-on experience and guided by a deep respect for the value of traditional agriculture. We combine this reverence for tradition with modern farming techniques to act as stewards to improve land quality, beauty and worth. In doing so, we greatly enhance the natural value of our agricultural operations.

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