Founded in 1990 by entrepreneur and agribusiness pioneer Bruce Rastetter, Summit Agricultural Group is a diverse farming, agricultural investment and farm management company headquartered in Alden, Iowa. Summit’s diverse operations include successful row crop, beef cattle and pork farms in the U.S. and a growing presence in the South American biofuels market.

The practice of agriculture is among the oldest, most sacred professions of human history. Summit is committed to protecting the traditions of our nation’s agricultural heritage while at the same time exemplifying the kind of bold innovation and progressive business practices that are required of the 21st century agricultural industry. Across Summit’s three distinct business units — Summit Farms, Summit Ag Investors and Summit Ag Management — we rely on our company’s history of true ag expertise to inform our decisions and build strategies that help us to successfully navigate the evolving agricultural and investing marketplaces.

We believe it is our obligation to be responsible farmers, successful business partners and good neighbors to the communities in which we operate. Throughout our history, we have maintained strong environmental and philanthropic focuses in our operations, and strive to demonstrate our four pillars of success in everything that we do. Our success is owed to our years of hands-on experience and our dedication to sustainable, profitable farming. It is a testament to our status as one of the nation’s leading private farming operations, and we are proud to share our vision with partners and clients around the world.

History in Agribusiness