A Principled Approach


We work closely with local farmers, landowners, families and government agencies every day to ensure that Summit Agricultural Group is held to the highest environmental standards at all times. As part of this company-wide commitment to stewardship, we pledge to preserve and enhance the inherent, lasting value of our agricultural operations.

Protecting our investments for generations to come is one of Summit Agricultural Group’s highest priorities. Our approach to farm operations, agricultural management and financial investing works hand-in-hand to improve land quality, beauty and value. Our experience has shown that ensures that agricultural land will retain higher value on a consistent and long-term basis. Responsible farming, land stewardship, and environmental and wildlife conservation are powerful tools we use to not just manage land, but to maintain it and uphold it as a source of pride and economic prosperity for our investors and for the many communities in which we operate.

Farmland Stewardship

Preserving Natural Habitat

While much of our land is used for crops and livestock, many acres have been set aside as part of our land and water conservation programs, including wetlands, timber ground, terraces, waterways and filter strips.

Promoting Animal Welfare

Summit insists on operating under the highest standards for animal welfare. All Summit-owned and managed facilities provide humane living conditions, nutritious feed and fresh, potable water, resulting in healthier animals and greater purchasing confidence for our buyers.

Protecting Water Quality

To protect our groundwater and waterways by preventing erosion and halting runoff at our farm sites, Summit has installed and maintains more than 40 miles of grass filter strips and waterways, a number that continues to grow each year.


As a natural, cost-effective and long-term solution for improving agricultural land, Summit plants more than 10,000 trees each year. Our forestation efforts serve to provide habitat for wildlife, prevent erosion and improve air quality, protect our crops and livestock and beautify the environment.

Community Involvement

Stewardship is as much about personal relationships as it is with our relationship to the land. We are actively involved in improving the communities we operate in, both as responsible neighbors and through the Rastetter Foundation.

Shared Commitment

For Summit, protecting the environment is a moral obligation. Each of our employees undergoes training to prevent, recognize and correct potential issues before they occur, and works with local authorities to meet all legal environmental obligations.