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Crop Production

Summit Farms is the proud owner and operator of successful row crop farms. At each acre we strive for continuous improvement, relying on our years of hands-on experience and innovative, modern farming techniques to increase output and reduce inputs while preserving the land for future generations.

Summit Farms was founded in 1990 as a traditional corn and soybean farm situated on 300 acres near Buckeye, Iowa. That same farm has since expanded to support what is now an advanced farming network with interests across the Midwest and around the world. The success of our crop production operation has become a valuable source of opportunity for our company as we reinvest our earnings into promising new ventures and work to improve our existing assets. This strategy of responsible growth has helped us to become one of the nation’s leading private farming operations and a model for sustainable farming.

Crop Production
Twin Row Planting - Crop Production

High Population Corn

Conventional row crop operations plant in single 30-inch rows. Summit Farms utilizes the Twin 20-inch method, where seeds are spaced further apart in offset rows that allow for more uniform planting, faster canopy development and higher yields.

Water Conservation - Crop Production

Protecting Water Quality

To protect our groundwater and waterways by preventing erosion and halting runoff at our farm sites, Summit Farms has installed and maintains more than 75 miles of grass filter strips, a number that continues to grow each year.

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Ag Production Team

Summit Farms are owned and operated by true ag professionals with many years of hands-on experience in efficient and profitable grain, cattle and pork production. Contact us to learn more about opportunities to work as partners alongside our diverse and growing business.

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Our Crop Production Partners

Stine Seed, headquartered nearby in Adel, Iowa, has partnered with Summit Farms to provide us with their industry-leading lines of soybeans and high-performance seed corn.

Stine - Crop Production