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Pork Production

A new global demand for animal protein has made pork production one of the world’s most vital food markets, with farmers in the United States producing and exporting more pork than any other country each year. In helping to meet this demand, Summit Farms is working alongside the nation’s top pork producers to encourage healthy, beneficial production practices.

We work directly with leading national pig integrators to identify suitable locations and oversee the design, construction and maintenance of modern, value-added facilities that promote beneficial production practices. As part of our commitment to our partners’ success, we provide ongoing facility upgrades and management services to ensure that every operational detail works properly to feed a growing world.

Pork Production
Wind Powered Pork Production Farms

Energy Efficiency

Summit Farms has erected three wind turbines to help power our offices and two of our hog sites. Together they are capable of producing more than 120 kilowatts of electricity, reducing our reliance on natural resources and promoting energy efficiency in our operations.

Animal Welfare – Pork Production

Promoting Animal Welfare

Summit Farms insists on operating under the highest standards for animal welfare. All-Summit owned and managed facilities provide humane living conditions, nutritious feed and fresh, potable water, resulting in healthier animals and greater purchasing confidence for our buyers.

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Pork Production Team

Ag Production Team

Our farms are owned and operated by true ag professionals with many years of hands-on experience in efficient, profitable agricultural production. Contact us to learn more about pork production and our commitment to responsible farming.

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Our Pork Production Partners

Summit Farms is working with these best-in-class pork integrators to provide them with high-quality contracted space that surpasses industry standards for operational efficiency, animal welfare and environmental sustainability in pork production.

  • The Maschhoffs
  • Smithfield Farms
  • Christensen Farms