Summit Ag Management

Farm Management

Summit Ag Management is Summit Agricultural Group’s full-service farm management and advisory unit that works directly with farm owners and operators to meet their goals by helping to determine, structure and facilitate their plans that increase farm value and productivity on a long-term basis.

Summit Ag Management’s mission is to improve farms while imparting the true ag expertise needed to help them appreciate long into the future. Our experienced management team specializes in a wide range of services applied at the owner’s discretion as part of one of several management options including cash rent, flexible cash rent, crop share or other custom agreements. We value communication as an essential ingredient for any successful relationship and encourage landowners to be actively involved in all planning and decision-making processes. To guarantee that each landowner receives maximum value in partnering with us, Summit’s farm management services can be tailored as needed, or can take a holistic approach to running an entire farming operation. For more information please contact our farm management team.

Our Services

Financial and Analytical

Our in-house accounting department and analytics team provides complete financial recordkeeping and data services for all areas of farm activity. Findings are communicated on a regular basis through official documentation in the form of quarterly financial reports and year-end reports.


Capital Improvements

Capital improvement projects are used by Summit to boost operational efficiency and to enhance overall lease/sale value of farm property. The scope of improvements can vary depending on the initial quality of the farm but are intended to promote profitability, land stewardship and farm appearance.


USDA and Conservation Programs

Taking a proactive approach to conservation is an effective way to maximize return and preserve the environment while attaining greater lease value. Summit can ensure farms are operated in compliance with government farm programs and will handle all required administration and paperwork duties.


Risk Assessment and Farm Leases

Summit provides detailed risk assessment and lease management services as ownership goals change over time. We can help you understand lease alternatives, make recommendations and procure leases that are the best fit for a particular farm. We will continue to review and offer modifications to lease and cash rent agreements as needed.