Alden, Iowa-based agribusiness celebrates 25th Anniversary with new name, new look and new direction built on “Four Pillars of Success”

Twenty-five years ago, Summit Farms began as a 300-acre corn and soybean operation in Hardin County, Iowa. Today, it is among the most successful and diversified agribusinesses in the Midwest. To celebrate its 25th Anniversary, founder and CEO Bruce Rastetter has unveiled a new name – Summit Agricultural Group – along with a new look and a direction that are reflective of the company’s phenomenal growth.

“We’ve evolved and grown significantly over the past 25 years – which is why we spent the past 12 months scrutinizing and evaluating how we communicate our company’s story to investors, clients, employees and partners,” Rastetter said. “This is a very exciting time for Summit Agricultural Group because we have an opportunity to share our principled approach to investments, ag management and farming.”

Summit Agricultural Group oversees a diverse number of successful operations, ranging from crop and livestock production to wind energy, renewable fuels and international development. The company is composed of an extensive global network of farmers, investors and financial advisors working together to ensure a higher degree of accuracy and accountability throughout each of its operations.

“It goes beyond what we do and is more about how we do it. That’s why at the heart of every operation, every investment and every employee is a commitment to integrity,” said Eric Peterson, president of Summit Agricultural Group. “At the end of the day, everyone at Summit wants to point to our work, our success and the relationships that we built through our Four Pillars of Success.”

Pillars of Success

  • Performance Through Innovation: A robust network of operators, ag-centric innovators and savvy investors that allows Summit Agricultural Group to structure investments efficiently and provide the resources that allow us to move quickly to capitalize on viable new opportunities.
  • Proven Collaboration: Summit manages assets more effectively by employing progressive strategies that have been proven over time, because investments should never be left to chance.
  • Bottom-Up Approach: Experience allows Summit Agricultural Group to be successful early adopters of the best and most promising emerging practices, and work with investors to communicate a unique understanding of signature investment opportunities as they develop.
  • Tradition and Legacy: Summit places great value in the legacy of the American farmer – the company combines a reverence for tradition with modern farming techniques to act as stewards to improve land quality, beauty and worth.

“As an entrepreneur in farming, renewable energy and investments, I’m fortunate to have spent a lifetime doing what I love. However, I’m most proud of what we have built with Summit Agricultural Group,” Rastetter said. “We offer a thorough understanding of the agricultural landscape and communicate our findings with honesty and integrity so you can be confident that your investments will remain viable for generations to come.”